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The stages of reopening the Old Port: the removal of fences

The first fences were taken down on 11 June 2015. Within a week, more than 400 metres of fencing had disappeared and a new layout was implemented which valorised the cityscape, the unique heritage and the city’s direct contact with the sea.
More than 10,000 people attended the opening party for the ancient port, celebrating a newly-recovered link between the city, its port and the sea.

Today the space is used on a daily basis for walking, sports, enjoying the view and unforgettable sunsets.
It is also the venue for large-scale events.
These include the Festa del Mare, a festival associated with Ancona’s seafaring tradition, dedicated to those who live on the sea and from the sea, and those who sadly lose their lives to it; all those who cross the sea in search of a future, and a city that holds the sea within.

Molo Rizzo, a new community space

Another space in the Old Port that’s open to the community. The heavy goods vehicles that previously waited for customs clearance at the Molo Rizzo adjacent to the Old Port were moved for a trial period to Scalo Marotti. This logistical rationalisation began in early June, with the aim of reducing the impact of goods traffic in the historic port area.

The move led to a reduction in traffic around the port, aided by high-tech solutions and with clear repercussions from an environmental angle. In fact, in the first two months of the trial period, approximately 11,000 kilometres of transit were saved in the port areas adjacent to the city, and above all, this freed up a space which can be used by the whole community of Ancona and the Marche, enhancing their relationship with their port and the sea.

The Urban Tattoo and the walk to the Red Lighthouse

As part of returning the historic seafront to the community, a new urban layout was created in the port area.
The need to ensure the safety of pedestrians by clearly separating them from vehicles, plus the desire to facilitate visits to the area’s monuments, gave rise to the concept of the Urban Tattoo. A map drawn on the asphalt which reinterprets the language of street signs on the horizontal, creating a single itinerary that guides visitors on a journey which is remarkable and in many ways unique.

A long red line starts at the base of the lighthouse and runs to the monumental gates of the city. A pedestrian walkway that guides the user to the water. On the piers the stylised outlines of two cranes remind the visitor what this place was for so many years: the workplace for countless Ancona citizens.
Red triangles guide pedestrians and indicate points of interest.

And near the Arch of Trajan and the Clementino port, some of the most beautiful words written about Ancona are tattooed on the ground:

“….you should arrive in Ancona at three
in the afternoon, when the sun’s shining.
Then the city is like a zebra:
the dark stripes of narrow streets
alternate with dazzling
perpendicular bands…”
Dino Garrone – “Mito di Ancona” in Sorriso degli Etruschi

From the old port, the route continues along the northern pier, under the watchful eye of Monica Vitti, depicted in a mural by the street artist Icks in homage to the actress’ beauty and the closing scene of The Girl with the Pistol, which was shot in this area of the port.
The long tongue of land leads the visitor safely to the Red Lighthouse and the bench of lovers and dreamers.
Here, like no other place, you can lose yourself in thought, surrounded by wonderful views, enveloped by the sea and its scent.